View Full Version : Bentley VS Cadillac

24-04-2016, 13:10
Hello, what are some pros and cons about the Bentley and Cadillac GT3s? I feel like the Cadillac should be faster, but I'm soooo much quicker in the Bentley. I'm 1-2 secs off world record times in the Bentley, and 3-4 secs off the Bentley in the Cadillac. To me, it seems that the front heavy Bentley has the better turn in, which usually sets me up for a good exit.

Any thoughts on what driving styles is needed for the two cars?

24-04-2016, 16:01
What track(s) are you testing on? I would expect the Bently to be better on larger tracks, but the Cadillac to be better on tighter/smaller tracks.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
24-04-2016, 17:15
Their paces were fairly similar to me, except the Cadillac isn't as powerful, so you had to focus more on getting on the throttle early.

24-04-2016, 22:55
Thats really odd... Im way faster with the Caddy, at least 2 seconds, at every single track

24-04-2016, 23:57
I always find myself having higher entry, apex, and exit speeds with the Bentley