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26-04-2016, 20:47
Ok, so let me just jump right in and say that this might be all my own doing, but I can't help but feel something's amiss.

Project Cars started out great for me. I quickly got a Thrustmaster TX wheel and pedals, and it got even better. Now, I greatly perfer career mode in games, and they aren't a lot of racing games that even offer this.

Starting out in the 125cc kart, I finish the season without a loss and gradually find an AI difficult where I feel I have to fight to get first place. The invitationals are a welcomed addition as they add a bit of variety. Then I sign a 250cc kart team, race a few faces there, but the invitationals take over. I assume this is because the season is midway.

And this is the part where it might be all my own fault, but for the life of me, I cannot bring myself to skip an invitational. But I'd actually prefer a more authentic career. Currently, I'm stuck at the LeMans 24h LMP2 race because I figured it might be fun to race the qualifier to see if I could even drive the thing. It seemed a big leap from kart racing and the various other historical cars I'd been racing so far. But now I can't seem to skip the race itself. I rarely have time to spend 2 hours (1% minimum time) for a race, and I can't seem to figure out how to switch drivers for the various stints. I could live with 40 mins in total.

Anyway, TL;DR, my questions are:

1. Is it possible to switch drivers for LeMans and only race a third of the race?
2. Is it possible to skip the race now that I've completed the qualifying, if I exit, I just get back to the race?
3. I really enjoy the headset comments from my team during the race, but this only seems to occur during season races. Why is it not there for e.g. LeMans?
4. Why am I seeing so few season races? Will they eventually show up again after the winter break? The last 15+ races have been invitationals.

26-04-2016, 21:12
1. You can do a pit stop and give the car to the AI driver (Swap driver option), but mind that he will drive like most AI drive (no awesome lap), be sure to disable Flags or he will be kicked because cut track (AI love to do that).

2. Start the race and pause the game, there should be a 'retire to pit box' or something similar, hit that option and when will be on the pit garage just click on Skip session (should take some few 30-40 secs).

3. You can download the 'Crew Chief App' if you like to hear some talking during the race (take a look on ''Third Part Apps'' on the forum.

4. Most championships in game are based on 'Regional Championship' (3 tracks and two races per track) and the 'Main championship' (5 tracks and two races per track), if you want a lot of races you can use the Ruf GT3 since you have the German Ruf Championship, Super Ruf GT and GT3 Euro Championship, also mind that karts really have few races than cars like FA, FB, LMP1-2 and GT3-4, if you're looking for a ton of races FA should be your target.

4a. Yeah there's a ton of invitational races but you don't have to enter if you don't like, i personally only enter the 2 DTM '90, 2 Road C and Le Mans, when you drive either GT or Formula A-B you will have at least 1 race per month.

26-04-2016, 21:22
Take a look at my career event checklist, it lists all season events & invitationals, tracks used in each of them, it should give you an idea of what's coming up:


26-04-2016, 21:40
Ahh brilliant. I had a feeling I was missing something. I'd really like to stick to the same car for a few races to get a proper feel for it. Maybe I should just decline some of the invitations. :D

I'll definitely check out Crew Chief - I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere/immersion.

And thanks for the checklist - it helps having an overview - the calendar ingame isn't that good at giving an overview.