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27-04-2016, 04:52
I've been looking for Handbrake mods for the g29
I found a hardwired to b mod inside the wheel on YouTube with a spring' hydraulic ' handbrake for the g920:

I also found one hardwired with only two wires to a paddle shifter:

I then found a program called GIMX that could possibly emulate a g29 with a g29 plus a USB Handbrake. This would be experimental and Dont own a USB Handbrake. It would also keep the warranty on the very expensive over priced g29.

I personally am thinking about hardwiring directly to the O button. I haven't opened mine up yet in case I void warranty. And I currently looking for a p rebuilt spring a Handbrake atleast.
All the money . Work this this specially for dirt rally now. I coukd never calibrate the g29 realistically I project cars.

23-08-2016, 06:00
Hey there. I just finished modding my G29 for a handbrake by wiring into the PCB.
Too risky to wire into the circle, triangle, square, x buttons, but you can tap into the L/R 2 or 3. I made a video and put it up on youtube the other day to help guide other people as there were no proper guides available. I've kept it as simple as I could so that anyone with a little bit of know-how - or is willing to put in the effort to learn - can do it themselves.

I can't post a link as I only just registered to provide this for help (spam prevention I guess) but the youtube title is: Logitech G29 DIY handbrake mod wiring guide: How to tap into the button pcb & wire it to L/R 2 or 3

It is a bit rough (was my first ever attempt to make a video) but it should still help people.

P.S. I'm just leaving posts around the sites that I was directed to when I was trying to search for help (and did not find much).