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27-04-2016, 10:18
Hi all.

I am currently doing some set-up of a home build dash board with data from the shared memory.
I am trying to get data on what car aids is enabled like ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control to activate an array of LED's.

How ever the data that gets returned is not if the aids is enabled but if they are active, ex. I get ABS data when ABS is actively working (Type #9 mCarFlags).

I would like to get data on whether the individual aids is just turned on or not, is that possible?

I know the data is send to the http api on DS but I cannot seem to find the flags/data in Shared Memory.

I hope some one can give some input.

29-04-2016, 14:19
There is no flag for if the driving aids are turned on. Just as you've noticed with ABS, TC and SC will only raise their flags when they're doing their thing. At other times, there's no indication if the system is enabled but not active, or disabled.

What are you attempting to replicate? Most drivers know when they get into the car if those systems are available, and while some passenger cars include "active" indicators for things like Traction Control, that doesn't seem to be common in race cars. The fewer lights flashing in your face while plummeting into a corner amidst traffic, the better.

01-05-2016, 08:25
I agree that the less cluttering the better as it can light up as a Christmas tree. How ever i am aiming at removing all but mini map from the screen only using my hardware dashboard.
The issue is that (my) pcars seems to randomly turn on and off some aids from session to session.
So racing with a lot of different cars in the league i participate in, it would be a good asset to know what pcars turned on or off since the last session.

At the end of the day it is a minor thing and i was just wondering if they where hidden somewhere i just haven't looked.

03-05-2016, 16:07
I totally agree, actually. I prefer to race with the "Real" option for TCS and other aids (i.e., if they're allowed in a series, they're allowed in game), but it requires me to have a spreadsheet open to remind me what I have and what I don't!

09-05-2016, 15:04
Unfortunately SenorPez is right, the data just isn't exposed in the API. I was hoping after the UDP update that we would see this, but we didn't.

It would be nice for the apps that store the telemetry data, like mine, to be able to have this in a session overview, so you can see which sessions you ran with ABS, or TC on, etc.