View Full Version : [SOLVED] Back to Project Cars and my first idiot question

Doctor Doom
28-04-2016, 15:04
My G27 centering spring is broken. My solution because I am too lazy to send it in for warranty repair at the moment. Use an automatic transmission thus no gear changes as the wheel center rotates with the wind but around the cylinder axis that is rests on.

Real question, how do I get the in car view in multiplayer or simply in the race? I hit my red buttons but it has the out of car view when I drive. I forget what buttons toggle the options view option and there is no HUD for a genie to give you basic tips. I want the in car view vs driving without a view of the car.

28-04-2016, 15:14
It sounds like the button is mapped as you say "Hit red button for out of car view". May want to hit it a few more times and it should cycle through all views.

Also, if that dosen't work go into settings and map the change view to one of the buttons on the wheel/keyboard.

Doctor Doom
28-04-2016, 15:17
All the buttons work. On the gearshift I can cycle through all the display screens of specs, speed, rear view mirror etc. I pushed them all and none gave me an in car view. I will take your advice and map one of the buttons for change view and see if that does the trick.

Doctor Doom
28-04-2016, 15:33
Fixed it. For some strange reason after updating the game or simply setting it up. It failed to assign a key for camera angle change. I had to do it manually. Problem solved, thanks for the help.