View Full Version : Entrance to all career championships.

28-04-2016, 18:55
Is it possible to pick the championship or race that you want to race.
Can you devs make the career full open?
So that i can pick for example only panorama madness.
And pick for example a gt championship or single event.?
I hope you can make it open.

28-04-2016, 19:48
What I've suggested before was to keep career mode as it is, and add a freelance mode, a mode that has the exact same events as career mode but all events are available from the start and players are free to play any event in whatever order they want.

The link below has a list of all career events and the track layouts used in them in case you want to replicate career events in solo mode:


28-04-2016, 20:05
I hope they will do it.
Its a good suggestion.
Did yoy have ever an answer on youre suggestion?

28-04-2016, 22:39
Career will most likely remain untouched for pCARS 1, but feel free to make suggestions that could be picked up for a sequel.