View Full Version : G29 Not Connecting to PS4

02-05-2016, 15:58
Ive been using a G29 since November, everything worked fine. Last night in the middle of a race I get kicked to a quick-start menu. The wheel will not respond to commands, but the DS4 still works fine.
I restarted the PS4, unplugged the wheel from power source and PS4.
When I plug the usb in, the wheel rotates around on start-up like normal, but the screen flashes from the log-in menu, to the share menu, back to the log-in menu and settles there. However, I can not use wheel to log in, only the DS4 can log in or do anything at this point. So its almost like the system sees the G29, but sees like 5 different commands at one time and gets confused.
If I press the PS button on the wheel while its plugged in, nothing happens. But when I take the usb out of the port, I hear the disconnect ding from the PS4. Its the same on both usb ports.
Anybody have any ideas? When I get home tonight I'll plug the wheel into my computer and see if I can reset it using the Logitech software or something, but other than that I got nothing...