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03-05-2016, 23:24

After a brief hiatus in the DTM, next season will see us returning to our openwheel roots in the Formula Renault 3.5!

Our seasons last for 6 weeks and will see us race at 6 different tracks. We have tried to make our league as flexible as possible - we have two races a week (at the same track), with only your best result of the week counting towards your final points. On top of that only your best 5 results will go towards the final standings so if you have a bad race a DNF or can't make a race you still get to throw one away!

Races are held Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.30pm EST and finish around 10:30pm (45 min practice, 15 min qualifying, 10 minute warm-up and 45 minute race). The majority of us race twice a week however we have some members who can only attend one race a week and that is perfectly fine!

We have an active forum where we post everything from detailed results from our races to custom liveries created by our members. We also have a TeamSpeak server for on track communication, especially when organizing the grid for formation laps and rolling starts. While the league is semi competitive, we are more focused on making it fun for everyone involved and not taking it too seriously; we don't care how fast/slow you are, just as long as you are safe and respectful on the track. We have people of all skill levels and encourage our 15+ members to communicate and help each other with setups and racing strategy as it will benefit the racing as a whole if everyone is competitive and having a good time.

We will be having a pre-season race on Saturday 7th May 8:30pm EST and would prefer it if you could join us for this just to see how we do things and to make sure you are a safe and aware driver! If you can not make this then we would require you to race with us sometime before the season starts.

Total practice and race time: approx. 2 hours
Practice: Wednesday, Saturday 830 PM EST (45 mins)
Qualifying: (15 mins)
Warm up: (10 mins)
Race: (45 mins)
Tyre wear rate - Real
Fuel usage rate - Real
Mechanical damage - ON - Performance Impacting Damage - ON

We use 3 weather slots with sync to race, the weather is dependent on the actual weather at the track for that date (determined by our very own meteorologist!). As this is openwheel thunderstorms/storms and fog will be ruled out!

If you are interested in joining or would like more details you can visit our forum - http://www.pakcafan.org/forums/index.php?/topic/16370-season-3-formula-35-full-info-and-sign-ups/ Or contact me here.

If you do not want to commit to the league but are interested in racing with us we also host public lobbies regularly (if you are in the Western Hemisphere you have probably raced with us already!), you can join our Steam group here -http://steamcommunity.com/groups/projectcarsprd

Schedule has now been confirmed!

Brands Hatch Wednesday, May 11th at 830pm EST
34 laps(33+1) Saturday, May 14th at 830pm

Watkins Glen Wednesday, May 18th at 830pm
29 laps(28+1) Saturday, May 21th at 830pm

Hockenheim Wednesday, May 25th at 830pm
31 laps(30+1) Saturday, May 28th at 830pm

Monaco(Azure) Wednesday, June 1st at 830pm
32 laps(31+1) Saturday, June 4th at 830pm

Road America Wednesday, June 8th at 830pm
25 laps(24+1) Saturday, June 11th at 830pm

Imola Wednesday, June 15th at 830pm
29 laps(28+1) Saturday, June 18th at 830pm

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Season 3 Roster

static_energy #13
Synystr #17
Nooonotreally #24
OBigO #5
Gosunoob #42
Stocky #420
Travok #88
Scottmik #19
Bullet #11
Fiskerton #3
Maverick@mck8 #4

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04-05-2016, 18:28
Travok #88, or whatever is actually available.

04-05-2016, 18:50
Not sure about car numbers yet Static, but you can add:


04-05-2016, 19:11
Also beetes_juice.

05-05-2016, 04:20
is crazydog in?

05-05-2016, 21:54
Yeah he's in but going to miss a few races.

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07-05-2016, 16:23
Pre-season race tonight 8.30pm EST send me a message if you would like to join!

02-06-2016, 17:11
I tried to browse for your race last night around 9pm eastern time. I couldnt find it. Is this a private league? How can I join?

Edit: ok after a 2nd look, it looks your race schedules dont jive between the 2 forums. I was looking for an azure race, perhaps you guys did hockenheim last night?