View Full Version : Console Racing TT008 The Alternative ...... Challenge Round 1

06-05-2016, 12:15
Well you may have entered the recent challenge and realised there are a lot more aliens around than you thought, but don't be dispirited there is an alternative................

Championship Event:

Start Date:
Friday 6th May

End Date:
Monday 23rd May

Start Time:

End Time:

Car Class:
Touring V8 Supercars

Ford Falcon FG

Ruapuna Park GP

http://s16822.storage.proboards.com/6406822/t/vwMd6uEEoUC7pt6bu_Zf.jpg (http://consoleracing.boards.net/attachment/download/69)
http://s16822.storage.proboards.com/6406822/t/meJnaXGbm66sNFprkD8b.jpg (http://consoleracing.boards.net/attachment/download/70)

You will need Free Car number 8 and the Audi Ruapuna Track expansion pack

Instructions for TT entrant

This TT is a 2 part event

PART 1 - runs from 0.00 Friday 5th May until 00.00 Friday 20th May - this part is a normal TUNEABLE TT event

PART 2 - runs from 00.00 Friday 20th May until 23.59 Monday 23rd May - this part is entered via the Pcars Network Challenge area and is the NVIDIA Challenge

Points will be awarded as below

Part 1 - winner 10 points then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Part 2 - Points for the actual challenge will be based on number of entrants so if there are 5 its 5,4,3,2,1 and six it would be 6,5,4,3,2,1 etc etc

Bonus points allocated for the actual Pcars Challenge event (Part2) as below

in top 50 times for challenge - 10
in top 51 - 75 for challenge - 7.5
in top 76 - 100 for challenge - 5
in top 101 - 200 for challenge - 2
in top 201 - 300 for challenge - .5


If you fancy joining us then visit our website (http://consoleracing.boards.net/)and sign up in Console Racing TT008 The Alternative ...... Challenge Round 1 (http://consoleracing.boards.net/thread/185/tt008-alternative-challenge-round-1), where you will find more details - and the only thing to bring with you is the philosophy; it is all about "For Fun"