View Full Version : Any new GP tracks added?

07-05-2016, 20:31
Greetings everyone. Have there been any new GP tracks added lately? When will China Shanghai be available?

07-05-2016, 21:01
The only tracks that have been added in 2016 are :-

Bannochbrae - a fictional track set in Scotland. Don't let the fact that it's fictional put you off, it's utterly gorgeous and fantastic to drive
Nürburgring Combined - based on the 24hr layout of the Nürburgring circuit, this combines the GP and Nordschleife tracks.

There has been no news or teases of anything forthcoming but the latest DLC and GOTY (Game Of The Year) only released yesterday and some of the main guys are busy at the London Motor Show, so let's see what next week brings :).

07-05-2016, 21:06

07-05-2016, 21:13
Well, I can't see this going anywhere useful with a reply like that. Question answered, thread closed.