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09-05-2016, 14:59
WEC Hyperion World Endurance Championship

SEASON 2 FIRST RACE - 24th July 2016

Multiclass (GT4, GT3 and LMP2)

We are looking for clean and fair drivers who would be interested in joining. Drivers must be using a wheel. For further information please visit:

If you require any other information or have any questions feel free to add me on Steam (snake9400).

WEC Hyperion World Endurance Championship includes Sprint and Endurance class races ranging from 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes at a variety of tracks as listed below:
Season 1 Calender:

Race Day Times:
Sunday’s 19:15 GMT+1/BST
Qualifying – 30 minutes for sprint races and 20 mins for endurance events (Starting at 19:15 GMT+1/BST)
Warmup – 10 minutes for each race event (Starting at 19:45 GMT+1/BST)

Race Start at ~19:55 GMT+1/BST
There will be a 2 week break between each race.

Teams would consist of two drivers, who would race in two separate cars. This allows for a Team Championship and Driver’s Championship.*
Team-mates must use the same car.

*Teams may include more than 2 drivers however for the team’s championship only two drivers points throughout the season will count, these two drivers must be chosen and stated on the sign up page before the first official race of the season. The drivers who are not the chosen two, their points from every race will still be counted in the drivers standings.

Points System (For each class):
1st – 25 Points
2nd – 18 Points
3rd – 15 Points
4th – 12 Points
5th – 10 Points
6th – 8 Points
7th – 6 Points
8th – 4 Points
9th – 2 Points
10th – 1 Point

Each race throughout the season is worth the same amount of points for each position.*

*This rule applies to all races apart from Le Mans, the final race of the season, which is double points for every top 10 position for each class.
Cars Available for selection by each team (every car has its own advantages and disadvantages, pick wisely, once confirmed you are locked in to that car for the season):

Cars must be decided upon and posted on the sign up page 1 week before the first official race of the season (if you join mid season I will need this detail within 1 week of joining/2 days to the closest race)

Force Interior View – No
Force Manual Gears – Yes
Damage – Full Damage
Mechanical Failures – No
Tyre Wear – Real/x2, track/race length dependent
Fuel Usage – Real
Auto Engine Start – Yes
Flags and Penalties – On
Traction Control - On
ABS - On
Stability Control - Off

Rolling Start – Off

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Spaces Still Available

17-05-2016, 12:04
Really hope we fill up enough to make this multi-class!!! :D

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Spaces Still Available