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10-05-2016, 21:27
I just downloaded Project Cars and before I purchased it, I asked about the steering wheel and issue I have in Assetto Corsa with the wheel being extremely twitchy. I did get an answer to my first post prior to my purchase and iot was the (g25-G27) Setup Guide. I went through it and this game is just can't be play with the wheel and these settings. I have no issue with my wheel in my F1 games or in GTR and GTR Evo. Not sure what I can do. I have tried different degree of Rotation from 270 360, 720 and 900. and they all seem to act the same. All my settings are based on the setup guide I downloaded.

Next issue is the view, Why is it so dark. Is there a way to lighten it up. It seems like it is set as if I am looking through sunglasses or it is at dusk all the time.

10-05-2016, 21:32
Not saying that you don't have a problem but there are many thousands of users on here with a G25 and/or G27 and not having a problem. I've got a G25 myself and don't have a problem.

One thing that cropped up the other day was a user who had the Logitech Profiler software over-riding the default settings. As such, when Project CARS launched, it would reset the wheel rotation to a much lower amount. It is worth checking that first before writing the game off :).

This is the thread I'm referring to (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21846-PLEASE-READ-How-to-report-issues&p=1274080&viewfull=1#post1274080)

EDIT : Also, altered the thread title to be a bit more descriptive and helpful :)

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
10-05-2016, 21:38
Could you post a link to the setup guide you're using? I've seen some pretty bad ones.

If truly necessary, I can make a video guide on how to calibrate a G2X wheel to work with pCARS, but I'd rather avoid that if possible. Still, I played pCARS for years with a G25 before getting a T500, and there's definitely nothing inherent in the game that prevents you from using it.

John Hargreaves
10-05-2016, 21:45
I've found that it doesn't make too much difference what degrees of rotation you have set up in the Logitech software, once the wheel is calibrated how you want it in game, it's set up ok. It was the opposite in AC for me, I got the overly sensitive steering unless in game rotation was exactly the same as in LGS, took a while to figure that out.
I'm assuming you have done the wheel calibration in the controller settings in pCars?

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
10-05-2016, 21:48
Oh yeah, that's a good point: For pCARS you should always calibrate your wheel to the maximum range it can do. The game will handle limiting the range dynamically for cars that can't reach the full range, you don't need to worry about that.

10-05-2016, 23:11
Next issue is the view, Why is it so dark. Is there a way to lighten it up. It seems like it is set as if I am looking through sunglasses or it is at dusk all the time.

Increase the "Exposure Compensation" in the Visual Options to your liking.

11-05-2016, 16:10
his is the link to the guide I was told to use from an earlier post prior to purchasing the game.

I have Profiler set as indicated in this guide and I followed all the steps shown. I have been able to drive Le Mans, but still not reall happy with teh wheel performance. There is still some jerkiness in it and at times when I turn the wheel there is some lag in the input to when it actually reacts.

I also have an issue, that when I want to set the wheel for calibration, at times after I click on finish, the selection box for what wheel I am using starts to flash through all the wheels available and I cannot do anything. I have to exit the game and come back in. This can happen a few times of going to Controls and having it still flashing and I will exit and restart the a few times before it acts correctly. It also does this in other areas where I am trying to slect visual effects and even it has happened when I try to start a single game.

11-05-2016, 16:22
This is the thread I used for the wheel settings http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22122-G25-G27-Wheel-Setup-Guide. I have played around with it some ad it is a little better, but there is still a lot of jerkiness in the wheel ansd some lag from time of input to actual movement. I setup Profiler as the link instructed.

I also have an issue that sometimes when I try and do certain changes in different fields (visual, controls and so on the field I select will start to flash and cycle through all the options for that specific field and the only way to stop it is to exit the game and restart it, and this does not always correct it. I sometimes need to do this a few times. An example is when I went to set the wheel calibration, and I go through the three steps and select finish the box that list all the wheels will start to cycle through all the wheels and the pictures to the right cycle through also and it will not stop without exiting the program.

I purchased this online through Amazon and downloaded it with my Steam account. I am thinking I need to uninstall it and download it again.

11-05-2016, 16:38
The 'cycling through all the options' problem will be because the wheel is not centred, so the game is seeing input from it (or, if you have a gamepad still connected, make sure the sticks are not being pushed).

11-05-2016, 17:09
Increase the "Exposure Compensation" in the Visual Options to your liking.
Assuming @BWF07 is using cockpit view, that tip is not going to help much. Surroundings will then mostly look overexposed in open car (or in pits, or watching replay, or...)
Sorry to come back to this (again), but it is a big issue with lots of people complaining, lots of topics covering it, but (still) no solution (apart from the "will come in PCars 2" one...).

11-05-2016, 17:11
Thanks. I have gone back and made sure all my settings are set to teh guide I have. I think the FF is a little tight at 100%, but I will leave it alone for a few more days. I was able to run some laps in the Porsche GT3 car at Le Mans and it seemed a lot better then the first time I tired it.

Again thanks for the help.