View Full Version : Adjusting mirror for Oculus Rift Use

11-05-2016, 16:14
I would like to know if is it possibile to adjust mirrors cause i can't see anything while using PC with Oculus Rift.



11-05-2016, 16:35
The only thing you can 'adjust' is setting the 'Enhanced Mirrors' setting to Yes - this doubles the resolution and draw distance of the mirrors. If you are asking if the position or the angle of the mirrors can be changed then the answer is no.

Terrell Olvera
19-05-2016, 03:08
It would be awesome if the rendering on the mirrors was position dependent. I believe the devs have take. Note of this issue.

19-05-2016, 11:58
This would be great, is is odd when your view in the mirrors does not change when you move

Terrell Olvera
19-05-2016, 13:21
Especially when you can see the reflections on the instrument cluster moving.