View Full Version : How to play the Network Community Events?

11-05-2016, 16:47
How to play the Network Community Events?

because of the trophy Community Ambassador, I can't play the races, where I can go to start the races? step by step... please

tks! :D

11-05-2016, 16:52
Firstly, please stick to posting in one section only.

I am copying the reply from beetes_juice in one of the incorrectly located posts to here

May wanna delete your other threads....

Would have to check but I think all are locked at the moment. There is a time frame for each event. One should open up in the next few days. Logitech series has a round this weekend if Im not mistaken.

*And if the event includes a DLC car/track you will need to have purchased that.

11-05-2016, 17:50
OK thank you

but I have the car, and is not showing the option to start the race. I have to go to another location in the game MENU to start running? or, is there, in those 26 races options?


11-05-2016, 18:02
Some of the events are closed as they only run for a limited amount of time. Which events are you unable to enter, I'll go and check my copy to see if they have ended.

EDIT : Currently, only 'Event 10 of 26' can be entered. All those before, or after that are either closed because the events have ended or are closed because they haven't started yet.