View Full Version : The SW-SR1 and the Razor Wildcat

12-05-2016, 12:58
As many have read here, my disability keeps me from using any type of wheel that requires pedals. And after finding none but super-expensive, optimized and customized wheels, I finally hit upon a freestyle wheel...the SW-SR1 from Steel series. I won't again bore you with how well this wheel works. but for competing in SIM races you must build or buy a clamp so that your arms won't float around as you drive because it doesn't come with any kind of tie down for a desktop or stand. As sensors inside measure and control the turning axis, it really doesn't need it but as I said above, its freeform design allows your arms to float around!

So I bought the wheel from Amazon for less than $50, and after trying to make it useful I quickly realized how important a good clamping system was needed. And as I had seen it mentioned I figured this would do the trick. But after looking everywhere on the Net, including the company that built the wheel itself, I was told by all of them that the clamp could not be sold here in the states unless you are lucky enough to find someone selling a used one on Ebay. And believe me, I looked hard!

But persistence awards those who hang in there, and I finally found that the "Wheel Stand" company in Great Briton was willing to sell it here after all, and in fact had done so many times already. I put the necessary deposit into PayPal, and it was delivered to me via DSL in just three days! And after I mounted this three axis clamp to my desk top all my troubles were over. So even if you don't actually need it, it makes a great addition to the wheel that after using it awhile will most likely add to your satisfaction with the system.

Now that I have a wheel system good enough for racing with, I turned my attention to the Xbox One that I bought awhile back for playing all kinds of games, ( Actually for use by my grandson ). The Microsoft Elite controller he wanted for Christmas was my gift to him, and I hate it when things don't work as shown. And the one I bought for my grandson stopped working after just one week later! The overall design is good of course, but it's made with inferior materials and parts that don't fit together. And if you play with gusto like my 10 yr. old grandson, you can be sure that it will soon break down. At $150 a pop this should be a hell of a great controller.

Even though I was unaware of it's problems until 3 months had passed, Amazon gave me full credit for it. At first I was just going to forget about it, but then I saw an add on Amazon for another controller sold by Microsoft as the "Razor WildCat"! Not only does it provide one with the same abilities as the Elite, allows 4 configurable paddles like the Elite, and is for my money, practically the same as the Elite, and for about $30 less than the Elite! But where it really shines is in it's construction, materials, and over all feel! And though I myself won't be using it if at all, for the very first time I like using a controller made for the Xbox One. And it can be used on a PC too, without having to re-bind it as you go back and forth. So if you like to use an Xbox One controller for either one or both consoles and PC's, this is the controller