View Full Version : 60 htz vs 144 htz Monitors

13-05-2016, 16:03
Looking to build a triple screen setup (3 x 27" in 1080) and want to know if there's a big difference (noticeable) in game play between 60htz and 144htz monitors; is the price jump worth the results? Any other advice on type of monitors (LED, LCD, IPS) welcomed.

13-05-2016, 16:23
Definitely yes. I have a NVidia 3D Vision compatible screen, and there is a real difference between 60 and 120 Hz Mode.
Especially in desktop mode.
In gameplay also. If you have a graphics card that's strong enough to play with more than 60 fps.

13-05-2016, 16:25
Numerous sources say there is - but you will need to drop the gfx a fair bit for Project Cars to obtain those FPS.

Personally I opted for 3440x1440 on a 34 inch monitor - 21:9 @ 60hz so I could crank up the eye candy.... Im slow as hell anyway so am not exactly competitive so Im not fussed but those that are seriously into their sim racing typically opt for very high refresh rates over purdy pictures.

Darin @ John at Inside SimRacing typically go into detail as to why in their vids.

17-05-2016, 11:49
Thanks for the suggestions. My GPU's shouldn't have any problem running 60 FPS, currently running steady 75 FPS using a 4K 65" TV with "eye candy" dialed up. I'll just have to go check out some monitors to see if its worth loosing 4K to go to 3 monitors.