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13-05-2016, 18:58
We have been racing as a group now for several months and placing threads on the steam forums for new members but no one seems interested in joining. Could it be the time of day we race [we race Thursday nights 8pm UK time], or is it the car classes we choose? We try to avoid GT3 as everyone does GT3. Any good advise would be welcome. BTW our group is called PROJECT RACE steam://openurl/http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Projectrace

13-05-2016, 18:59
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Roger Prynne
13-05-2016, 19:39
Why not try GT3 as well and see if you can drum up more members, then maybe once their in, they might like what they see.

13-05-2016, 19:46
Yea.. the ole bait and switch! :D

13-05-2016, 20:11
Thanks guys I'll suggest it the group. So run a GT3 series get the punters in then change it to Classic touring cars the second week, I like it ;)

13-05-2016, 21:16
There's something i would join and was unware of. It's close enough for ping and more important at worse is 1h difference in a language i can understand if the accent is not too pronounced :p

I just need to sort this "all work no play" thing first :(


joined the group. anyway to keep informed.. i don't have much time to look at everything i got. another thing, you have a ts server or use any chat room?

/edit two. should've look at discussions... not used to steam for this things :)

13-05-2016, 21:46
thanks mate, when you get a minute pop over and introduce yourself. accent not a problem we talk slowww

13-05-2016, 21:59
are you the "Mono" guy i raced with yesterday?

Ch1ps N Queso
13-05-2016, 22:17
I'd say without a doubt the number one reason you're having trouble is most guys that are active here AND interested in league racing already have a group they run with. One group is generally enough for most, as it takes time and effort each week to get a tune ready for race night. I could be wrong, but this is likely your biggest obstacle.

So what can you do? If you're willing to put up with the crashers your best option is in the public lobbies (something I don't do for our group but should). Create some race nights with your group, open the lobby to the public, and invite the clean racers to your friends list. You can also post some messages about your league in these lobbies. When you've built up your friends list a little bit you can send out some messages to let everyone know your group is looking for drivers.

Perhaps you can seek out another small UK/Euro group for a coop season, race nights, etc.

Good luck.

14-05-2016, 13:31
Thanks Ch1ps some really good advice there, I have thought about a group share before this maybe the way to go. And lollygag it wasn't me on the mono though I'm up for any class myself :)

Jason PLAdoh
09-06-2016, 18:55
Can you race without becoming a member/life league etc, I still like to race, but two many crashers, and don't have the time for commiting to group stuffs.


13-06-2016, 22:00
Honestly Prometheus, you need to be really engaged in getting to know new people, either on this forum, or in-game. Personally, I've never really been active much on this forum yet my group Viprix still gets a 15-20 attendance each time; I met 90% of the people in public races.

Philipjip isn't quite the person I think to get out and talk to a lot of random people about his group. Most of the people in your group moved over from Viprix (I'm still quite annoyed by this btw), so no effort had to be put in getting the races you're getting now, that's why it's still working out. But if you want more people, then you need to do things differently

13-06-2016, 22:05
Can you race without becoming a member/life league etc, I still like to race, but two many crashers, and don't have the time for commiting to group stuffs.


Our group www.viprix.net is racing every Monday and Wednesday, and we rotate the car classes every month or so. It's sort of a semi-open group; the server is password protected, but the password is always the same and people are free to jump in whenever they want. We usually get around 15 to 20 drivers each race. We do structure our events in a league format, but it's nothing too serious. If you don't care about a league, you wont feel left out or anything, and if you do care about it, there's always a group of about 8 to 10 people in each league that try to go for the victory.

From what I have observed in a few other leagues, I think our group is one of the best ones you will find in terms of openness, clean driving and number of attendants. Downside is that we have practically zero activity outside the races; people join the races on Mondays and Wednesdays, usually minding their business, and after that you wont hear from them again until the next race kicks off. I personally don't mind it, but I can see how it's an issue for people who want to be part of something.