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16-05-2016, 15:59
I loaded up Projects Cars with the Vive yesterday and made sure all my settings were at their highest (the way I usually run them without VR). I use 2560x1440 as resolution. The menu screens seem to display well, sort of like a large poster board. However, the visuals in-game seem to be utterly low res, they almost remind me of 90s SEGA games. I'll update this post once I get home and take a screenshot, but it feels like I'm in 2D, with a lot of jaggies, and I can't read any of the signs. I deleted the config files like in the Vive thread.

Does anyone else have this problem or solved it?

PC Specs: Intel i7 6700K | Gigabyte G1 980Ti | Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7

16-05-2016, 16:06
Well your going to have to bump a majority of the visuals down for VR. Don't think Rift or Vivie is able to run maxed visuals for VR. From my reading in the Rift thread, good place to start is everything on medium and work your way up one setting at a time.

Said you took a look at the HTC thread but may get better help posting in there. HTC Vive Thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?47083-HTC-Vive-Discussion&highlight=HTC+vive)

Anyway, post system specs. Will help others troubleshoot your problem.

17-05-2016, 16:30
I heard it doesn't matter what resolution you run, it's the same in VR? The res is just for the monitor. As far as for improving the res, I heard the most important thing is the AA, try to get it to 2x, 4x, car details, track details (get to Ultra). Everything else is lower. Reduce those sun/flares and you're good to go. UP to 15 AI cars is what I play with...