View Full Version : Thursday night Australian public lobby session

17-05-2016, 12:42
Starting this Thursday from 8:30pm AEST for the next 4 weeks, I'm going to get some public lobby action going on pCars.

This week I will have LMP900's in action on the following 3 tracks for 14 lap races:
Catalunya GP (11am clear)
Monza GP (3pm light rain)
Spa (10pm light cloud)

Each race will have a 10 minute qualifying session.
Rolling starts
Forced real life assists
Penalties on
Tire wear and fuel set to real.

Night should run until around 10:15pm AEST.

23-05-2016, 11:14
Last week I didn't have any luck with my public lobby attempt, so I only got to race against the AI that filled the grid!

This Thursday really needs some Aussie support to get the night rolling as all the races are on Cadwell Club Circuit which has no pits so that means no practice or qualifying and no race start until actual people jump into the lobby.

My format this Thursday is a open wheel type race weekend featuring the following cars in action:-
1. BAC Mono
2. Ariel Atom Mugen
3. Lotus Type 51 (historic formula ford)
4. Formula Rookie

Cadwell Club Circuit is a 2.37km track. With its tight hairpin bend after the start and undulating narrow track, should create some short fun racing.

All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

8:20pm - RACE 1: BAC Mono - 6 laps
8:30pm - RACE 2: Ariel Atom Mugen - 7 laps
8:40pm - RACE 3: Lotus Type 51 - 6 laps
8:50pm - RACE 4: BAC Mono - 11 laps
9:05pm - RACE 5: Formula Rookie - 13 laps
9:25pm - RACE 6: Ariel Atom Mugen - 12 laps
9:40pm - RACE 7: Formula Rookie - 13 laps
10:00pm - FINISH

All races will have the following settings:-
Light Cloud
Any Assists
Real Tire Wear
No Fuel usage
Flags and Penalties
Ghosted vehicles
No Damage
Race 1 will have a starting time of 10:00am 26th May 2016, with the following races increasing an hour each time meaning the last race will be at 4:00pm.