View Full Version : PS4 MP matchmaking failes..?

17-05-2016, 13:10
Hey guys,

So I bought Project Cars just yesterday and I wanted to play some races against other players but I don't get the way the multiplayer works... If I go to Online and I get to the browse menu, I only see like 20 sessions that I am able to join, like 80% of them has only 1 player in them, the few other lobbies available have like 6 - 8 people in them and the game doesn't even start, everyone seems to be AFK. And if I find the possibilty to get myself in a game, It's just some guys racing a track 24/7 (What I mean by that is that there is not a real race going on, so it's just cruising on some tracks). Am I doing something wrong here or is that just the way MP works in PC..? Because I find it hard to believe that there are only like 200 people playing multiplayer... Someone who might be able to help me out?

Thanks in advance

- Guitar

17-05-2016, 15:48
Nahh, that sounds pretty normal. Many people race in "private" leagues but the public lobbys looks like this i am afraid. Depending on class its more or less or none.
You can always create your own, set 15min quali and people can join within those 15min. Sadly not many will stay to the end, especially if you dont allow any assists. GT3 is the most played class so u might try there for best results.

17-05-2016, 15:55
Also note that players base on PC is low, 6-7%. 66% on PS4 and rest on XBox. I play on PS4 and still having problems to find races with others. Especially when I only drive Group 5 or Group A.

Tip: When u find some good and clean racers, add them as friends, after a while u will have some good dudes to race with more often.