View Full Version : Crazy idea

20-05-2016, 04:36
Here is a crazy idea, but one I think would be way cool.

What if, you could go to google maps, and trace a route of your own choosing? You could do this with a set of way points and let the computer decide how to "connect the dots" or completely trace out a circuit. To be a legitimate track of course, you wouldn't be allowed to have the track cross itself so cars would be entering intersections in different directions (but hey, as a pure arcade option why not? Some people really enjoy seeing spectacular crashes. And with good physics, cars crashing at 150 MPH+, the crashes would be spectacular), but a closed circuit which people could draw in their own town, or through streets they know, or just places they know of that could make great high speed tracks. Routes that incorporate freeway on ramps, off ramps, tunnels, dips, everything that is represented in google maps/google earth. Once the route is known, then it should be possible to have the computer walk the circuit point by point, look in all 360 degrees, and record some subset of relevant information. It could coordinate information from multiple sources if multiple sources exist. It could even take hours or days to complete. Have the computer work on it in the background, or make it distributed like SETI. But once built, then people could push the limits on an infinite number of tracks and conditions. I think a huge community would spring up around this.

I'm not saying it's easy, but I think it is feasible, and wouldn't it be cool to take these cars around streets you already are familiar with?