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20-05-2016, 14:10
So i started to get into TT a bit more since finding a better way to look at times and leaderboards on http://pcars.13ms.de/.

I was of the understanding that TT was set up so everyone was on a level playing field, so only real assists allowed, pro driving model but surprised to see there are no such restrictions. Doesn't this make the leaderboard a bit pointless with pcars?

20-05-2016, 14:13
its a level playing field in the sense that the track day conditions/weather/fuel use/tire wear/damage are always constant. It is up to the driver to determine what setup and assists are used. So to answer your question, no it does not make it pointless.

20-05-2016, 14:20
But how to tell how competitive you are when you might be againsts others on easy setting?

20-05-2016, 14:22
But how to tell how competitive you are when you might be againsts others on easy setting?

There is no difference in the driving/physics model between Amateur, Intermediate and Pro setting. It's just defining which assists are activated by default.

20-05-2016, 14:26
Reckon the allowance of assists levels the playing field more than tipping it.
For example:
Person A may have a top dollar ffb rig with VR/3x screen and simracing since the beginning. The level of feedback and experience with a well-set-up car will make assists almost void.
Person B may have a non-ffb wheel.
Person C may be couch potato like me with a gamepad on a console.
Person B lacks the level of information, feedback from the car.
Person C struggles for accuracy in his inputs through the small degree of movement available on thumbsticks and triggers.
Assists in TT help put the 3 on a level playing field where, if Real Assists were forced for TT, you'd see bugger all competition up on the LB for, as an example, the Classic Lotus cars or Gr A/4/5/C...

20-05-2016, 15:21
Can i ask just so im clear, when setting to real assists in any setting not just TT, assists will be on as default that are available for that car?
For example the yellowbird has none so you would be unable to select any manually?
Or Ginetta G55 GT3 would have ABS & TC turned on SC would be unavailable?
But if set to ALL in options all assists are available to any car & will be on as default?

20-05-2016, 15:25
Yes and

20-05-2016, 15:26
correct and you can map them to buttons on your wheel/controller and turn them on/off on the fly.

20-05-2016, 16:01
Thanks for clarifying, I have tc & abs on my wheel but run out of buttons for sc. I generally just left it on real & didn't switch stuff on/off but only recently began to realise that they would be on as default. So turned out i'm even worse driver than i thought which was pretty below average to start with:-).

20-05-2016, 16:03
get rid of SC. it does more harm than good IMO