View Full Version : 4K vs 2K liveries? Big performance hit with full grid?

21-05-2016, 20:43
I started out with the 4k, but only reason were that is was easier to not get 'jaggies' in smart objects. I've only played alone so far, as my mate is even lazier them I am at spare time, so current file is a 2K, as only I will ever see it anyway (for now)
No performance change noticed, as I'm always in cockpit view (when not taking pics to see where what is placed, and why. (or watching a replay))

Alan Dallas
22-05-2016, 19:06
Texture size performance is directly proportional to Video memory available... usually.
For pCARS the player's car should be using a Hires texture in external views(it's why the external cameras are locked to the player's car), lower res should be used on opponents as any jaggies won't really be apparent to the player.