View Full Version : Stuck in pits during Multiplayer.

22-05-2016, 13:20
Hopefully this the right place. During an online race when making my first pitstop my car became stuck in the pits. Tires and fuel were completed an no damage to be fixed. This happened to to of us in the race on the first stop.

I did try going into the in race menu with hopes of that working. Has anyone else had this problem? Tried to search forums but did not find anything.

This is Pcars for PS4.

22-05-2016, 13:46
On which track did this happen?

Thomas Sikora
22-05-2016, 13:52
Was PC but is it the same....?

happens since now only one time... was maybe a walkout by the crew...

22-05-2016, 15:53
On which track did this happen?

I was also in this race, and it was at Catalunya GP. Seven people were stuck in one point or another. We noticed that if someone left the room or got disconnected, people stuck in the pits would be released in unison. Otherwise, the person was stuck in the pits for 6 to 25 minutes in our case.