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22-05-2016, 20:14
Hi All,

RWB are holding a 2 hrs endurance race on 28th May which we would like to open up to the wider community.

Details of the race can be found on our forum - http://www.rwb-racing.enjin.com/events - you'll need to register on the site to sign up but don't have to be an RWB member.

Aiming for a 30 car grid with a mix of LMP1 and GT3. Please add a comment on the event when you sign up as to what car class you want to use or send me - RWB Rodders - a message. Classes are locked by 25th May but you don't have to commit to what car in a class you use until qualifying starts on the night.

We are hoping for a full day-night-day cycle and changing weather but still have some testing to do to decide whether to play it safe and not use these features which can make the race less stable.

Feel free to contact me here, on our forum or catch me on Steam with any questions.

Anyone of any skill can join as it's great to have wee personal battles at any place in the field but we do ask that you are clean and know how to conduct yourself on the track. Above all else we want clean races and respect for other drivers.

Look forward to seeing you on track soon.

Thanks - Rodders.

24-05-2016, 11:46
Up for this (GT3) (signed up on forum!)
But I would strongly advise to set Time progression to none.
AOR / Hyperion leagues seams to have a lot better server stability after switching time progression off.
Feel free to ignore this if you have been running with time progression without issues, but I would hate for ppl to be getting DC'd randomly after a longer race.

Edit: I see you are already looking into this :) +1 vote for no time progression though.

24-05-2016, 18:33
Nice one Andrex and thanks for the tip - yeah I've been learning that time progression can mess things up but it's such a shame as the day-night-day transitions really make the event more special.

There is a good chance I'll be switching off time progression and variable weather as both seem to increase the chances that we'll have de-sync and disconnect issues. A real shame but I guess we have to work with what we have.

Just learned today that we might be safer going for a lap based race rather than timed as it seems to be more stable, even with weather slots on. Would simply mean running a 35 lap race rather than 2 hrs.

@iPlay - what class did you want to race in again. I think you said LMP1 but wasn't sure.

Sign ups still available all - should be a cracker!

24-05-2016, 18:39
Oh and I've changed tyre wear from x3 to x2 you'll be glad to hear iPlay ;)

26-05-2016, 12:21
Oh and I've changed tyre wear from x3 to x2 you'll be glad to hear iPlay ;)

I saw on the website, that's better ahahah :D

26-05-2016, 13:56
Still looking for more drivers!

Go on, what better way to spend a Saturday night :p

26-05-2016, 13:58
i would be 100% in if it werent for me being out of town for the holiday weekend :/

28-05-2016, 15:40
Last chance to join up for the race tonight. Looking for 3 or 4 more racers.


28-05-2016, 19:35
30 mins to qualy 16 racers signed up, look out for RWB Racing UK server.

30-05-2016, 05:54
Hello, I missed this race but im interested in racing in an event like this.

let me know if you set another one up.


30-05-2016, 14:51
Hello, I missed this race but im interested in racing in an event like this.

let me know if you set another one up.


Will do.

We learned a lot from this race in regards to getting enough people (don't run the same night as the Champions League final lol) and race stability (avoid time progression - which admittedly is a huge shame as the day-night-day transition really made the race extra special).

We plan to get another one arranged sometime in the next several weeks so I'll be sure to advertise ;)