View Full Version : [ "BUG" REPORT ] Watkins Glen + DW12

23-05-2016, 13:07
date actual, clear, ai 100%, 19 ai cars, 34 laps, both qualyfing and race, but honestly very easy to replicate.

At turn 7 ai or touch the right kerb or touch the bottom and suddendly crash on the left. This happen a lot of time. The result is at a point you can see all ai cars in the box to repair for several minutes. Then they restart and can crash again.

At turn 10 they go often outside on the right. You can see also 3-4 cars do the same mistake. I don't know if this work as intended or not.

I think simply the default set-up for ai is too low for that circuit.

23-05-2016, 16:35
Yeah I reported this about a month ago. Sadly I fear it may not get fixed. Shame as its a great car and track combo.

The other bug I really wish they'd fix is Sonoma. Two thirds of the AI retire. I think it's a fuel issue. It's a great track but with this bug it's not worth driving in single player.