View Full Version : Wheel stand pro vs Playseat challenge for T500rs?

26-05-2016, 11:52
hello everyone,

I was hoping if there was anyone that had some experience with either the Wheel Stand Pro or Playseat Challenge. I was going to buy the ferrari integral alcantara bundle but then came across the t500rs for only 20 euros more so decided to go with the t500. But i'm having doubts about what to mount it on. I can't mount it on a table or desk and don't have the space for a permanent seat in my room so i ended up with the playseat challenge and the wheel stand pro since they can be easily stored away. Is there anyone that has any experience with both or one of them and that can give me some advice? the playseat is 80 euros more but thats not a problem if it turns out to be the better choice.

hope you can help me out!

26-05-2016, 12:05
i have the WSP for my Thrustmaster TX and i love it. Since i already had an office/desk chair, the WSP fit my needs and i couldn't be happier. easily portable so i can move it out of the way as needed. its very very sturdy. I only have a 2 pedal set so the center bar does not inhibit driving in any way. and with the design, i'm able to have the stand closer to my desk.

If you already have a chair, i would recommend the WSP.

26-05-2016, 12:10
i do, plwease do wear gloves when using the alcantra-rim, because it suck bigtime as within a few hours of using it, and swaeting a bit, the leather is already starting to harden and become crap, grrrrr.

i use the wheelstand pro and i must say it is perfect, anybody of any size can use it, infront of any chairs of couch. i resently also bought the rgs-module for my shifter, and i must say perfect.

27-05-2016, 08:33
I have the wheel stand pro for my TX wheel (and my T300 base). I also have the adapter plate to put the T3PA Pro pedals in the GT pedal format (Inverted) and love it. The pedals for more realistic to me know.

30-05-2016, 15:45
I had a WSP and loved it. Never used the Playseat Challenge, but I think you have more flexibility with the WSP--being able to make height, distance, angle and tilt adjustments to the wheel deck is important.

Depending on your pedal set and chair, you may need to put non-slip pads under your chair though. I was fine with my standard TX/T300 pedals, but when I upgraded to the T3PA Pro set, I was pushing harder and the chair was sliding. Non-slip pads solved the problem completely.