View Full Version : Does Vive or Rift have better image?

26-05-2016, 16:54

This review has confused me. It suggest the Vive has a better image in pcars. Just wondering should i cancel my Rift & get the Vive?

27-05-2016, 16:05
I have both the Rift (CV1) and Vive. I've watched that video as well and was perplexed.

The Rift overall has much better image quality for Project Cars, and _ANY_ other game. Period. It's no contest. The reviewer's comment on brightness is the _only_ correct statement; the Vive is definitely brighter. However, the clarity and your ability to resolve distant objects/cars/turns is just simply better in the Rift.

Also, something the reviewer doesn't spend much time on, and something that's extremely important to me is the sweet spot of the two devices. Think about when you drive a car IRL. Do you physically move your head to center on the gauges? Or the rear view mirror? Or your near side mirror? No, it's a combination of only physically moving your head the necessary amount so that you can then just move your eyes to glance. The Rift allows this since its sweetspot is _huge_ in comparison to the Vive. The Vive literally requires you to move your head so that the very center of your vision is looking at whatever guage/mirror you want to get information from.

Adding to this, the overall comfort/ease of use of the Rift is worlds better than the Vive. It is known.

PS. if your specs in your sig are still accurate, the Rift will run the game better as its runtime is currently better.

All of this said, I still LOVE my Vive for the roomscale games, and it will not be leaving my side. LOL

28-05-2016, 11:36
That seems to tie in with everything else i read, I thought maybe with pcars it was different but i guess not. I now have a gtx 980 ti, I might get a new cpu its pretty old now but i could always overclock it to around 4.5. Is it possible to change the brightness? Is it something independent from the gamma you can select in most games?

28-05-2016, 13:48
The brightness in the Rift and Vive are both set by their respective runtimes. I'm guessing either HTC/Oculus will eventually give the ability to change it, or someone will hack a way to do that. Gamma sliders you see in most games (not Pcars) does work, and is a good tool to increase 'perceived' brightness and reduce god rays (Rift and Vive both).

If you overclock your CPU, you should be just fine with that setup. I have an older i5-2500k OC'd to 4.6GHz, and have zero issues with any game.