View Full Version : change headlight color

26-05-2016, 21:10
trying to change headlights to yellow on the R8 LMS mod, i replaced the correct file as per includeded in the #6 stevenson skin, but the lights are still white.
the glow of the lights on the ground is yellow, but the actual lights on the car still show up white.
i've seen screenshots with cars with yellow lenses, what do i need to add/change to do this?

29-05-2016, 23:27
It used to be that the mod included a batch file that you had to activate. I'm not sure how it's done now. Try asking in the R8 mod thread maybe.

07-06-2016, 20:14
I have been tinkering with the Mercedes AMG GT3 headlights. It looked promising at first:


But then I turned the car around:


There's one part of the texture that's shared between the head and rear lights. So there's no way having yellow headlights while keeping that part of the rear lights white. :(

07-06-2016, 20:20
yeah thats what was said on the Audi R8 Mod thread.... it makes me sad because the car looks so mean with the yellow headlights :(