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27-05-2016, 10:32
Seeing the cool video about Nicholas Hamilton I thought it would be good to get some positive stories on how Sim Racing has helped you.

My story is: After suffering a bad motorbike accident on my Harley 3 years ago where a Cab driver cut me off and I was catapulted into a roadside sign, I broke 7 vertebrae, 8 ribs, my sternum, I flatlined on the operating table, then again after in the ICU. I now have two titanium rods and 16 screws in my spine, I never thought I would be able to function let alone drive, ride or do anything properly again.
Well I said, stuff that, and I got my self up and out of hospital and stopped feeling sorry for myself. One of the first things I did was start trying to Sim Race, with and Xbox and Project Cars i got myself driving a car again, then back on another Harley, now back at work and functioning just about normally again.
I know it is nothing compared to Nick's amazing story but if it wasn't for the Sim and getting my body use to the driving and movement I don't know how much longer it would have taken. I really believe this helped, also I am not taking anything away from the amazing nurses and doctors but you really got to do a lot yourself.233631

27-05-2016, 11:31
that is impressive. :O

after a year of 15000km of distance, after a year of cohabitation, after total 8 year of love sory, after we decided to do all the steps for the future (marriage, childs, house), she left me cause that "was not the life for her".
emotionally it was a terrible time for me, I saw that my future life was destroyed. I was very very close to clinical depression.
I bought the steering wheel, which was a desire I had for years, and every night I isolated myself from sorrow playing project cars. cultivate my hobbies always been the best way for me to try to get better. it worked! Pcars, my cats and friends, in equal parts, saved me.

more stupid story than yours or nicolas, but.. you asked for a story and this is mine. :D

ps: Recently she told me she was scared and wants to get back together, but I'm too busy to simracing ;)