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27-05-2016, 16:04
Hi everyone so I've just got Project CARS GOTY edition for PS4 and I need help with all the settings since it's a sim game these things are very vital, I'm on a controller just to let you know, I need the best settings for camera/visuals and controller, so for example FOV/movement & visual FX, also the right controller configuration, I would prefer all these to be up to date as the latest update thanks!

27-05-2016, 23:04
Please don't take this wrong, but what your asking might be impossible to answer. Everything you asked about is subjective to you. What I consider to be the best setup for me, may be the worst for you.

27-05-2016, 23:35
Use a fov calculator for the fov for ur setup. There is one specific for pcars as it uses a different way of calculating. From their you be able to Tell what view to use. Alot of giys like to use hood or bonnet cam. Some cockpit or a zoomed in dashboard type cam. Visuals you will have to play with as they are very subjective and I never really messed with much but there are a few things to help performance even on console. As far as contoller settings there should be some good threads on here for some starting points. Good luck, I know you will enjoy.

kevin kirk
27-05-2016, 23:58
I suggest not using the calculator,and using your own eye. Now here me out, I know some of you live and die by this calculator. The calculator doesnt take into account how the FOV makes a turn seem sharper the lower it is or how straighter the corner seems if your number is higher. Having the "correct" FOV is pointless if your number is so low it makes the corners seem sharper than they seem in real life. As FOV numbers once you get below 60 the track starts to change and the corners begin to get sharper......As for controller settings, unlike every controller game I have played, having 0 deadzone and 0 steering sensitivity is what all of my different settings have in common. There are little tricks like having your g force setting high and your brake and gas trigger sensitivity setting low. This prevents the camera/g force effect from jerking around under braking. Gives you the effect of the more/harder you hit the brake the more the camera will gently ease forward to simulate increasing gforce. You main controller adjustment will be the SPEED sensitivity.

28-05-2016, 09:15
I would reiterate what's already been said , what's perfect for me may not be for you .
There is loads of info on setting up the DS4 but to be honest I've only used a controller once out of curiosity.

If at all possible get yourself a decent wheel and stand as it is a complete game changer , if you think it's good with a pad trust me it's epic with a wheel and you'll not want to go back .

29-05-2016, 16:13
here you go some info: