View Full Version : Oculus CV 90Hz?

28-05-2016, 08:04
The best I can get the game to expose is 1280x1024@75hz. I'm plugged directly into the HDMI port of my GTX980Ti (running at x16 Gen3 mode, 6930k CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 950Pro M.2 storage). I'm running 361.91 and the game otherwise works in the CV just fine, but I have to decide between horrible resolution or 60fps and since this is an Oculus Home game, I expected it to make the most of the CV.

Am I missing something, or does this game fall horrifically short of what this HMD can do?

UPDATE: Updated drivers to 368.22 and I have some higher resolution options now, but still nothing 90Hz.

Morgan Henstridge
28-05-2016, 11:11
I believe that setting is for the Mirrored display on the monitor.

The Rift hardware should detect and set resolution and refresh automatically.