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02-06-2016, 00:55

Thanks to shareplay functions, I could do an very akward test: Take the same car, same controller settings, same wheather, same time of day, same date, same whatever you think... In two different PS4īs (on DS4) and compare the differences in timing and behavior. I made this on Spa with McLaren MP4-12C GT3. 2 laps in my PS4 and I could get easily 2:19:xxx. 10 laps on my friendīs PS4 and the best I could do was 2:23:xxx.

I couldnīt feel any changes on handling (althought I am not sensitive on this aspect, there are several times that I change something on the setup and feel no change at all, but get better timing), but I felt a change on the engine. Radiator was set to 50%, 11:59 AM, lightly cloud. My PS4īs engine was fine, but at my friends PS4īs,a chronic engine overheating (with smoke getting out from the engine) started even before I could open the 1st timed lap. I am not sure about the cause of this huge difference in perfomance, but it looks like that it is a bug linked to radiator. I made a switch to 100% in radiator, and at my friendīs PS4s I could get 2:21:xxx while mineīs timing just decrease a little bit.

Both me and my friend run on a brazillian league. At my category (he is in another one), I had talk to two other players that reveal their radiator/"pressure relief valve" ("Pressão da válvula de escape", translated by google). One of them could use full 2.8 (Gumpert Apollo) pressure and about the 40% radiator in the hottest time of the day, clear wheather, while the other one ran the same with 50% of radiator, while me use 100% radiator and there is still engine overheating.

These differences in setups plus the test make me believe that there is a radiator bug, and that the radiator behavior changes depending on the PS4. On some, overheating occurs easily, while some others can close it a lot without any trouble at all. This upset me and my friend a LOT, I am very sorry to say that I got dissapointed and sad about knowing that this bug creates a big disadvantage for some and advantage for others.

My friend had a try reinstalling the game. No changes. I tried myself replacing the save 6 times and got no changes. Still could not get 50% radiator with no engine overheating.

P.S.: Then you may ask me: "One year and nobody noticed this before?". Maybe its because nobody imagined. And maybe its because people always would think that creating this "radiator conspiracy" would just be an excuse for being slow. My friend had some strange issues about not getting any good times at all, and I decided to help. Suggested and adapted my controller settings to his driving behaviour. Timid improvement. Gave him a good setup from my own and still bad results. Watched him driving on you tube transmission and still couldnt find anything that would justify 5 seconds gap for each lap on Spa. Then I thought: "Something has to be wrong", decided to use shareplay and found out this. I hope gets fixed for PCars ONE, not PCars two, because this is a lot disencouraging.

02-06-2016, 14:40
Driving VIA Shareplay, will result is slower times.
There is a lag between your Controller input and what you see on your screen. That is the Nature of Shareplay.

It doesn't affect most types of games, But for a Driving game where, Braking, and Turn in spots are most critical
That Lag difference will result in loss of time.
On a Long Course like Spa with many corners, It could result in Seconds of difference.

the only way to really tell is to have Both consoles Side by Side, and repeat the same type of tests.

02-06-2016, 22:59
The high number of laps were due to me to get used to the lag. In the lag, it was all about 2:27, then 2:25 and finally 2:23 when I got used to it.
Also, the lag doesnt explain at all the engine overheating.

02-06-2016, 23:04
if you are redlining each gear, the input shift up delay may be causing engine damage causing it to overheat.

03-06-2016, 18:39
Good, I havet thought of that. However, because I didnt thought about it, I forgot to mention: I drove in automatic transmission all the time! Sorry for not mentioning that before.

03-06-2016, 18:50
id say the results from this test have enough to warrant another test with side-by-side ps4s. the shareplay would definitely contribute to different times and i wouldn't expect to get the same time over share that i got on a local machine, but the automatic trans overheating is curious.

21-06-2016, 01:57
No reports from any mods or SMD?
Its too hard to believe but it is just there, anyone believing on it or not.
It is a kind critical bug and worth of some of your time. It is worth to take a look, really, there are people on pure disadvantage because of this. Then if somebody sudden appears saying that suddenly got better results on other driving games, there is a buggy reason to.