View Full Version : Possible mouse control menu issues within game. Project Cars VR on Steam.

02-06-2016, 17:25
Hello All. My first post on this forum. I have a possible mouse control issue using Project Cars VR on Steam. When I am in the game menu I have no mouse control. I am using a Fanatec Wheel and pedals which are supported. I can not set the menu choices I want. I have no control over moving to where I want to go in any menu screen. My Vive controllers are on, My headset is on and my mouse and keyboard are on. Is there a conflict going on between mouse and headset? Also before launching the game it says that my usb device (Racing Wheel) is not the right controller.

So my question is. Do I have this set up properly. And if I do not. What do I need to turn off or reconfigure to get it to work properly.

04-06-2016, 21:04
It's not just a possible issue, it is a huge issue with the mouse interfering with Vive's dashboard. It's just retarded....i can't select anything using Dashboard. I have to unplug the wheel in order to get the damm mouse to disappear. When i plug back in ...the PC install a different driver with a different wheel than my wheel..it's retarded and then i have to uninstall and reinstall the right driver. It's just a mess.