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02-06-2016, 19:47
The next DSRL championship has been revealed as the Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup. Utilising the Ginetta G40 Junior car, the series will visiting 8 circuits with 2 races each night. The first round will take place on Sunday June 19th so you have plenty of time to register for the championship and get testing before the first race.

The cars relatively low speeds will ensure close racing each night and are guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. The series will be run with no assists all except for auto gears.

Series honours are up for grabs in overall drivers, privateers and teams. There will be 4 dropped race scores from the overall points total should you need to be elsewhere on race night or make up for any incidents or lag outs. As there are only a certain number of liveries available, teams are asked to use the same numbers for each of their cars. This will allow more participants to take part.

The series calendar looks like this:

Round 1: June 19th, Nurburgring Short
Round 2: June 26th, Brands Hatch GP
Round 3: July 3rd, Watkins Glen Short
Round 4: July 10th, Sonoma Short
Round 5: July 17th, Willow Springs GP
Round 6: July 24th, Sakitto Sprint
Round 7: July 31st, Hockenheim Short
Round 8: August 7th, Donington National

So head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to register and get racing.

See you on track!

11-06-2016, 10:42
Tomorrow night is the pre season test day for the DSRL Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup!!!

So far, there are 17 registrations for the Cup and 11 have booked in for the Pre season test. More are expected to book in beforehand so the track will be busy.

The championship is limited only by number of car liveries. Teams are allowed to have 2 drivers and with both drivers expected to run the same number car. This gives a potential of 44 entries.

The pre season test day will be held around the Hockenheim Short circuit so lap times will be very close.

Sign in closes at 6pm BST with the event starting at the much later time of 9.15pm BST.

Event format will be run with a 10 minute qualifying session and then a 20 minute race.

If you are interested head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk

12-06-2016, 14:05
Just a reminder that there is a Test night for the DSRL Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup.
It will be at 9:15 GMT.
If interested please visit http://thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk.


Adamski Alders
13-06-2016, 07:25
I love the Ginetta Juniors and would've been extremely interested in this but after looking at the rules and regulations on your website I noticed that there is no ABS, Traction or Stability Control allowed. I am not good enough without those to make it an enjoyable experience for me so I shan't be able to put my name down. I am however extremely interested in the series and would love to know if the Series/Races will be recorded/uploaded to YouTube or similar so people who might not be able to participate can still watch and enjoy it?

13-06-2016, 10:17
Hi Adamski! The Ginettas are actually very easy to drive without any aids. We have taken a consideration into how the cars drive with or without aids. These cars are without the aids as were the Formula Cs. All I can say is give them a try. Hopefully we can can get replays up onto YouTube throughout the season. I shall add you onto my FR and let you know when a few of us are racing.

Adamski Alders
13-06-2016, 11:49
Well I took your advice and gave the Ginetta a try with no ABS, TC or SC and visited the first 4 tracks listed for your League/Championship and I have to say that the car performed admirably - shame about the driver lol. So sod it, sign me up - I can but try. I do have to warn you though that I'm not the fastest or smoothest driver out there so don't be expecting brilliance lol.

Rebel Whitey
15-06-2016, 13:03
DSRL has drivers of all abilities, so don't stress about being the fastest. We enjoy close, clean racing throughout the field.

Adamski Alders
16-06-2016, 16:12
DSRL has drivers of all abilities, so don't stress about being the fastest. We enjoy close, clean racing throughout the field.

I don't mind not being the fastest, I learned a long time ago that I have just as much fun in races trying to get best lap times/more consistent per lap than just out and out race victories. And if you aren't having fun what is the point right? :D

19-06-2016, 11:16
Tonight is round 1 of the DSRL Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup. 15 drivers are so far booked in and we want you to join in on the action. Head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk to register and sign in. See you on the track.

19-06-2016, 23:16
So Round 1 has been and gone. Due to a higher amount of competition, The Race was split into a lobby A and a lobby B. Here are the results.
Round 1 - Nurburgring Sprint

Lobby qualifying

1. Zarf - 1:46.137
2. D4NINHO - 1:46.566
3. Webbers88 - 1:47.164
4. Orange Tiger - 1:47.333
5. RD Infern0 - 1:47.437
6. Mr Drift Ninja - 1:47.512
7. Rebel Whitey - 1:47.962
8. Simmosumo - 1:48.060
9. ReadingRich - 1:48.069
10. Hurt MaGurt - 1:48.365
11. HateW0rldW1de - 1:48.431
12. SIMONZ01 - 1:48.633
13. Adamski Alders - 1:48.676
14. LE MUNDO - 1:49.433
15. Lemarrrrrr - 1:50.027
16. stevielow - 1:51.356
17. FoolishSwami98 - 1:52.525
18. boothy116 - 1:53.675
19. millard3122 - 2:17.251
20. dailyboy3 - No Time
21. IdioT1995 - No Time

Race 1 Results

1. Simmosumo
2. Zarf
3. Hurt MaGurt
5. Webbers88
6. Orange Tiger NL
7. HateW0rldW1de
8. ReadingRich
9. Mr Drift Ninja
10. Adamski Alders
11. IdioT1995
12. millard3122
13. boothy116
14. Lemarrrrrr
15. dailyboy3
16. SIMONZ01
18. stevielow
19. FoolishSwami98
20. Rebel Whitey - DQ
21. RD Infern0 - DNS

Race 2 Results

1. HateW0rldW1de
2. Zarf
3. Hurt MaGurt
4. Rebel Whitey
5. Simmosumo
7. Orange Tiger NL
8. Webbers88
9. Mr Drift Nija
10. ReadingRich
11. IdioT1995
12. Adamski Alders
13. millard3122
14. FoolishSwami98
15. stevielow
17. dailyboy3
19. boothy116 - DNF
20. Lemarrrrrr - DQ
21. RD Infern0 - DNS

18-07-2016, 10:35
Been a while since an update. Apologise for that. Here are the results from the latest round. There are still 3 unique numbers that can be used to enter the championship or there is space at a few teams. Check it out at www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk


28-07-2016, 08:42
Last Sunday was Round 6 of the DSRL Ginetta Junior Sprint Cup. It was wet and damp at the Sakitto yet the lap times were close. Here are the results from that race.

Here are the results from that race. If you would like more information about the league and the championships head to www.thedsrl.forumotion.co.uk