View Full Version : The Friday Project

03-06-2016, 15:40
From 830pm i will be running a lobby of 2 x 15 lap races on various tracks weekly

If you fancy some clean racing fun PM DirtyEwok75 on XBOX, i look forward to seeing who turns up.

Mics are a MUST, no mic NO RACE.

Looking for clean,social,respectful lobbies....www.gamerzleaguecentral.com

17-06-2016, 16:23
Hey troops so tonight is "The Friday Project" time once again.

Tonights tracks are Imola with the MERC DTM, running a quali then 15 lap race. Followed by a 15 lap race complete with quali in the Alpine A450 on Zhuhai.

Hosted by DirtyEwok75 with lobbies open for warm up at 8pm GMT.

Everyone welcome no matter you ability.

English speaking please to allow good communication.

See you on track.

30-06-2016, 18:43
This meet will be held on 1st July

Track 1
California Highway
12 mile sprint
Weather: Clear
Scion FR-S
(stock- no tuning allowed)

Track 2
Brands Hatch (Night)
15 Laps
Weather: Overcast
Caterham Superlight R500

See you on track.