View Full Version : AUS/NZ Combined Racing League Sunday Casual Race Night

04-06-2016, 02:08
Sunday Hockenheim fun from 8:00pm AEST

Night format will be Sunday 5th Australian Eastern Standard Time:-

Race 1: Hockenheim GP (1pm light cloud)
8:00pm - Ford Zakspeed Capri Group 5 Qualifying (10 minutes)
8:10pm - Ford Zakspeed Capri Group 5 Race (10 laps)

Race 2: Hockenheim GP (2pm Clear)
8:30pm - Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM Qualifying (10 minutes)
8:40pm - Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM Race (12 laps)

Race 3: Hockenheim GP (3pm Medium cloud)
9:00pm - Formula Renault 3.5 Qualifying (10 minutes)
9:10pm - Formula Renault 3.5 Race (13 laps)
9:30pm - Finish

No points allocation for races, keeping it casual.
Assists - Any
Tire wear, fuel usage and time progression all set to real time.
Flags and penalties - On
Damage - Performance impacting
Mechanical Failures - Off

NOTE: Remeber to map DRS as the Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM & Formula Renault 3.5 both utilise DRS. Suggest swapping either headlights or windscreen wipers for those that have them for GT3 etc.

Further info of our league races can be found on our Facebook page - AUS/NZ Combined Racing League. NOTE FOR AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND RACERS ONLY.