View Full Version : The app page is actually a total mess, please fix ! :)

04-06-2016, 18:38
the app page is really messy right now, at last when seen from an apple mobile and chrome.


apps logo are mixed up, apple logo dont appear for pCars Dash etc, but worse some logo or dash screens are actually from other apps... really confusing.

please fix the page and help the devs who kindly make it for the community make some $$$ to reward time they have put in it.

actually june 4th, 2:30pm

thanks and keep making things open like you do (API, hid keyboard compatible on consoles), big thanks for that, that really male all the difference for console users who finally can use apps and some button box.


Zalex, Montreal

04-06-2016, 20:35
Nice job man, 2h to fix it is what i call really good service. :)

In the name of the devs and the ones who look for apps, THANK YOU ! ;)

same page 2h latter... well done !