View Full Version : low FPS with Oculus Rift CV1 vs playing on the Monitor

09-06-2016, 17:24
hey there,

I've been struggling with setting up the rift properly for the last few days. I hope you guys can help me. I own the steam version and start it with the Oculus Store running in the background. I have no idea if this is ruining my framerate. Can it be that it runs faster for people who bought it in the oculus store and start it directly from there?

Anyhow, since SLI doesn't work properly, I'm running the game with a single GTX 970. I've started checking performance with a quick race at Oschersleben with a Grid of 24 Ruf RGT8. My goal is to get a minimum frame rate of 90, but even at low details I'm dropping as low as 64 FPS. At least thats what Fraps and the Performance monitor of the "Virtual Desktop" app from Steam show me.

Now when playing on the Rift, the game runs at 2160x1200, which is 25% more pixels than FullHD on my Monitor. So when i setup the game with a similar, very wide FOV, i should get an approximately 25% higher frame rate when playing on the monitor. Instead the Game runs at 150 to 240fps. Also I can perfectly play the game on triple screens with SLI at 6050x1050 60fps on high details.

So for some reason I seem to loose tons of performance when playing on the Rift. What's going on there?

I'm not so sure if the displayed frame rate is correct though, as i get no jidder or stutter when i drop below 90fps. Is project cars running with asynchronous time warp? There seems to be no safe way to tell if the frame rate is really as low as displayed, but it doesnt look very smooth to me. Also i get a headache after a while, which i usually only get when i play at low fps.

Is there any better way to measure the frame rate? Maybe directly within project cars, with no extra programs?

09-06-2016, 17:53
Sure you will get better advice from others but might want to do a quick test in TT or free practice, does the framerate drop in those game modes with a single car on track?

When I run an AI race in the Rift I tend to drop my car count down to 18-20 to smooth out my experience. Runs great for myself but running different GPU + CPU.

May have to go digging but there are a few 970 guys in the Oculus Thread, may find some tips there. Link (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?43740-Oculus-Rift-CV1-Discussion)