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10-06-2016, 12:20
Googled / Youtubed etc...

General consensus seems to be Vive a little more forgiving for those who wear glasses?

Im near sighted around -2.75 and -3.25.

Does anyone wear glasses but not need them for the Rift or Vive by chance ?

With glasses apparently both are not overly comfortable but doable for 30 mins or so ?

However they need to be taken off 45 mins as its painful ?

Are there any differing views on this by chance ?

90 mins online races sound not very doable with glasses based on what Ive seen so far...

Im waiting for my Rift in August and am leaning towards that from a weight / cost / games support perspective but GamerMuscle's videos suggest Vive may be the way to go from an immersion perspective and also the ability to move the lenses away from your glasses a little ?

I came across this which sounds very promising - lense inserts .... https://vr-lens-lab.com/ - has anyone got to try them by chance ?

Thanks !

10-06-2016, 17:04
I went to Tesco and brought the cheapest smallest glasses they did, with lenses it cost me 15.00!

You need small frames and thin arms, I can wear mine in the rift for ages, although you have to put the rift over the glasses then slide the webbing over the back of your head, this is the opposite of what a non glass wearer would do?

14-06-2016, 06:45
You can move the "screen" back a few clicks on the vive to avoid scratching the lenses.
I have no issues using glasses with the vive and no others with glasses who has tried it either.

FAQ from Vive support: https://www.htcvive.com/eu/support/faqs/GUID-11E136C6-AEB6-41B8-B0FD-B87F52C80423.html

They don't have to be the smallest of glasses but of course smaller the better.

14-06-2016, 20:07
I absolutely hate wearing my glasses in the goggles. I am going to get those VR Lens once they go full production. With me is mainly having to constantly adjust the glasses within the goggles. As the nose-guard tend to slip, and removal of the HMD is a real %*$($.

19-06-2016, 06:39
Thanks for the feedback all.