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12-06-2016, 20:41
i get purposed built race cars i love them but what about the car in your garage? ever think about takin it to the track? well road cars ford mustang gt , hell lancer, mx5, ariel atom lets get it! were are the road car lovers lets get this poppin im on alot but seems there is noooo love for road carz and why is gt3 soooo popular? the scion frs my gawd that handles great default setting at that! i know people drive this i kow im not the only one that like road cars lets get some racing going with road cars. im on alot handle similar to thIs ANAMENOONEHAS have mic join up!

Siberian Tiger
12-06-2016, 21:12

I love to Race with the Road Cars! Sadly i am on PC so i can't Play with you on XBox.

Also be sure to change your Platform to XBox in your Forum Settings (CP)

Brent G
15-06-2016, 10:18
I love road cars too, I love nothing more than jumping in my Playseat and HOONING round the 'ring' but the crash fest that is MP keeps me in free race unfortunately mate.

15-06-2016, 18:36
I have to say the road car tyres massively improved through updates, originally my VW Transporter was more fun to drive...

Aston Martin GT12 is a personal favourite closely followed by the RUF RT12 :) I like heading to a track and having fun just driving them rather than racing though ;)

16-06-2016, 14:58
hey im on alot n road cars join up if you see me. im usually tuning a set driving laps shaving time :)