View Full Version : Newbie to pcars and g29

19-06-2016, 00:10
Hi all

I am new to pcars and I am thinking about getting a g29 as the ps4 controller doesn't really cut it.

I have read a few things about settings etc and have come across jack spades settings, which seems to be what most people use. My question is can the settings for each car be saved or do you need to tweak the settings every time you change car?

I have literally only played the game for an hour so not played about with any of the settings as there is so many and just wanted to have a quick spin.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Edit I notice the post has put my platform as pc but I am on ps4 but can't see an option to change this, maybe in my profile?

19-06-2016, 00:13
Adjust car specific FFB settings in car setup and save to all tracks. Repeat for every car you want to drive.

19-06-2016, 00:17
Thanks I've not played about with it much but hopefully when I do I'll be able to follow your advice.

Thanks for the help! :encouragement: