View Full Version : Oculus CV1 + titan X - getting 90 fps no matter what i do.. something wrong?

20-06-2016, 15:17

As the title stated, im running two titan x - disabling one, when running pcars, so a total of one titan x card.

Now, i can go and set all to ultra, and 2x antialias + 16x anisotropic - and it runs.. fine. Shows 90 fps - however, if i then go and put some to medium/low, im getting the same 90 fps. The only time i can alter the fps is by setting AA to 9x - which reduces my fps to some 60.

Im thinking theres something wrong - the 90 fps feels "ok" - but it does feel like there might be some lowfps/lag going on - so i dont trust the fps meter ( both from evga precision X, and from steams overlay).

Any ideas?

20-06-2016, 15:24
So i found this: Your DK2's native refresh rate is 75Hz. All games are meant to be played on the DK2 at 75Hz. Any more or less FPS and you will experience judder/blurring. 75 is the magic number for DK2. On the CV1 it would lock to 90Hz as it has a 90Hz native refresh rate.

Can anyone confirm this?

Also, a word of advice, disable BLOOM - for me, disabling bloom alone, makes everything so much more responsive, and i cant really feel that its gone.

20-06-2016, 21:22
You are getting those frame rates with other cars? rain?

20-06-2016, 23:58
CV1 or DK2?
Check v-sync in NV panel and in game option, probably works as fps cap.

21-06-2016, 00:20
You are getting those frame rates with other cars? rain?

On nordschliefe with 12 other cars - no rain, just clear day ( dont particularly enjoy rain ) i run 90 fps capped - rarely it drops below - on an i7-4790K / with a titan x not overclocked

But i did have to reset all settings ( deleted a pain in the ass folder, which made me setup all my cars again ) before it responded and started working good.