View Full Version : Glitching on edge of Lens at each side

22-06-2016, 03:09
Just got my cv1 last Thursday and finally got pCars properly up & running ... superb ! great to be back racing in VR again.

I have a small issue I notice when stationary that I thought others must have already experienced and found fix for. If I just look out through the lenses I can detect some sort of visual glitching at the extreme outside edge through each lens. It is like a texture switching on and off very quickly. If I move my eyes to the edge to try and see it then it is not detectable, but if I keep my eyes straight ahead and move my head slowly to each side I can see it. Has anyone else noticed this and is there some graphical setting that may fix it ? I see there is a NearZ clipping value in the oculussettings.xml so perhaps it is related to that ?

One other question is about the setting in graphics, Jitter tweak, never used it ever but wondering that now with cv1 does it have a use and what is the recommended value ?

Thanks for any advice, cheers RJ :)

23-06-2016, 17:34
I turned jitter tweak to 1 and left it at there couple of months ago, and I think it evened out regular stuttering a bit. Could have been my imagination too.

About that glitching; I've paid attention to it couple of times with CV1. Last time just yesterday. But now when I was looking for it, it wasn't there. I think it may depend on track or some other condition. Or maybe it is more visible with different eye settings.

I have NearZ at default.

25-06-2016, 11:40
Thanks mate, I have played a few days now and not noticed it again. Just left the jitter tweak as it was default set and same with NearZ. I am using the Oculus Debug tool to set pixel density to 1.5 and it looks great now.

26-06-2016, 04:57
One glitch that I am seeing (and perhaps I've not set something up right) is that I see cars twice (double-vision) in the rear view mirror behind me (unless they are very close behind). Seems more common in RHD vehicles so far.

28-06-2016, 21:46
Others have said glitches at the edge of the screen is due to the latest nvidia drivers, you might want to try downgrading them.