View Full Version : Tips adjust Dead Zone for Delan IR Head Tracker

23-06-2016, 18:13
I am using Delan Clip and Facetracknoir on PC with PS3 filter mod.

The camera works fine but it did lock up several times until I enabled the use TRACKIR only hide Freetrack.
I used filter at 15 and rest is stock.

It works well, but I wasn't set in right seating spot, rush test so I was higher then normal.

Like I said it tracked well but the dead spot,center where I am driving seemed to bouncy. It was moving around a little in circles with my head but I was going straight and it was hard to focus.
Is there a way to make the dead spot bigger then the transition to look left/reight has to be more deliberate for me.

It is cool that I can move my head in out up down and the center of head changes in teh cockpit but driving a race it is too confusing always shifting way up down left right as I adjust in my seat. I also had to adjust my position using WASD for my new center based on where I sit. But this can be annoying each time I change my seat position. Not necessary. Is there a way where my position stays fixed or I mute it out so unless I move extreme the position stays fixed and I can change with just the WASD keys and nopt my head. Then only tracking is rotating left right or tilt up down?

FOV: I was surprised how much my FOV changed with the head tracking sitting in teh same spot. I was tuirning into turns looking left right and more immersion. I need a rig and sound kickers! BUT I was blowing braking points with current FOV. Do you guys find this is true? With current FOV I was feeling slower then actual speed and blowing by things. go up or down on FOV?