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23-06-2016, 18:26
I am from France (sorry for my english)
I don't know if it's due to patch 10.0 but, since a few weeks, I cannot save my DLC cars setup.
It works for cars from the original game BUT it does not work for cars from DLC (most of the time, i am playing with lotus 25 and 49C).
If i change the car setup in the garage or in a free test session, I can do it (access to change the parameters), I can save (push the save option and the save icon flash on the right corner) but then, when I go to race, it's with the default setup. And if I try to load my saved setup, I cant find it. In fact, it was not saved ! I just can play xith the default setup.

I have tried severals things : delete and reload the game, rebuild the ps4 data base, reload the extansions, but nothing change... impossible to save the DLC cars setup.

Does someone has this problem ?

Is it possible to fix it ?

If someone has a solution, thank's a lot


23-06-2016, 18:27
car setup impossible to save

26-06-2016, 14:16
I have seen this reported before, and unfortunately the only way it was resolved was by deleting your profile, which loses all your career progress and saved car set-ups. You should first try to rename your current profile to see if starting a new profile fixes the problem, if it doesn't then you can always restore your old profile.