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28-06-2016, 16:21
Hello, Iím an owner of the Oculus Rift.
I have the PCars Version out of the Oculus store and the PCars over Steam. (And also a PS4 Version)

The Oculus Version seems to have always blur on the screen, it is not as expected.
So this Version have also some problems for detecting the One Controller and it is only in English.
If Pcars recognize the controller I t is fully functional and I can adjust the Graphics always on max.
I have 2 GTX980 via SLI.

The Steam PCars is in my favourite Language and seem to be more patched.
It starts with answering the Oculus Question in Oculus mode.

All intro and Adjusting Screens works fine and the One controller is always identified.
But, if the drive starts I have so much clipping that I cannot drive through the course.
3D seems to be OK, even when I not drive. Some light effects seems to be much intense then in the Oculus version. I think the resolution is much better then in Oculus Version.
But, if I move my head the outside environment is completely disordered, some lines will clip, some objects are disarranged and on wrong position. It look like that the two eye displays are not synchronised.

I have made some experiences with the graphics parameter, reduce all parameters to be clear that it is not a performance problem. But the clipping is always there.

If I end the Steam Version and start the Oculus Version, it works fine but blur.
So, what can I do. I hope that someone can tell me, how to adjust the Graphics so that this clipping disappear. Does someone have experiences with the Oculus Rift?

28-06-2016, 17:53
What do you mean by clipping? Driver view is clipping into the drivers body? Map VR center to a button and use that to center yourself.

Pcars isint very SLI friendly so I've read. I would try one GPU with the steam version and see if your issue persists.

28-06-2016, 18:50
VR in general is not SLI friendly either.

28-06-2016, 20:54
The objects outside the Car are confusing in place and order.
E.g. Tribune, the object lines clipping in any direction when the head is moved.

The Oculus Version run fine with SLI. No Problems but very, very better thean with one GPU.
The Steam Version looks even better but have this clipping.

I think, generallities and Statements without using this Hardware does not help.