View Full Version : Homido VR & Iphone work for fun on Pcars

29-06-2016, 02:15
I bought it for fun and hoping I can run down to medium and send to my iphone to experience VR and see whats it is about and if good enough to enjoy that I buy a Rift?

Homido looks fun to use on iphone stand alone too

Siberian Tiger
29-06-2016, 08:10
I don't think that this is Possible.... Im not 100% into VR, but Homido is only compatible for selected Android and IOS Apps.
And pCars doesn't Support Side by Side 3D (i don't even know a Game that support's this by now)
And you can't start pCars in Rift or Hive Mode without a connected VR Device...

29-06-2016, 13:33
Well I have seen people run it. You can use Kino and Intue apps on your phone to wirelessly stream (like nvidia stream) any game from your PC to your phone.

To get a 2d game into 3d you have to convert it with Trief or 2d 3bs (2d-3d) converter on the PC first to send it out. Then you just use teh VR on your phone since the output from Kino will be in 3d stereo now.

For Pcars, since it has hive support, it will output in extend mode to your monitor. No need for 2d-3d converter since already in extended mode and you use kino to view on the phone.

Some have used Duet Display for iPhone which allows USB tethering to extend your desktop to the phone and eliminate the wireless stream. Then just output to Hive to the VR headset.

I start pcars in Hive mode all the time to run my head tracker with no VR now?

Siberian Tiger
29-06-2016, 14:13
Ah ok, i see you learn something every day :) Please share how the Experience is...

Because a Conversation from 2d to 3d is not a 100% Correct Thing or?

29-06-2016, 14:52
Conversion you mean?
I have not done it but basically it splits the 2d into 2 2d left/right images. Stereo. So you can see in VR headset thats all.

Siberian Tiger
29-06-2016, 17:04
Jupp, sorry... Was writing to fast :)