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30-06-2016, 05:11
I am surprised nobody talk about Supersampling. For those that don't know...supersampling is freaking amazing in Project Cars. Now there is actually depth perception which is very important in driving game. The details and graphics look way better with supersampling. I did so many testings to try to get the best most optimize graphics and frankly i am tired of it. But i would like to share what i discovered...

This is for 980ti w/ 6700k 24mb RAM...this is playing with 20 AI cars

Supersampling need to be at 1.5 (a higher number will create stutter even 1.6).
Everything set to low w/ the exception of car details and track details in Ultra. However, you can get to 1.7 if you set everything to low and disable grass and shadow.

Texture filter=2x; texture res=high; AA=off
water drops=off;
For visual effect, everything off except sun flare=full; bloom=on;global specular irradiance=on; screen dirt=yes
Set crowd to hide=yes

Do not increase texture filter higher or turn on water drops or unhide crowd...

For weather: clear day is a must; if you want to drive in rain, it only work in fog rain (not heavy fog); no thunder or storm...it will stutter.

Supersampling make this a totally different game. Now i enjoy driving again in clear day light without feeling strain on my eyes due to pupil swimming or lack of depth perception.

EDIT: I find that having AA on is a must to play Pcars. It's just hard for the eyes looking into the distance with the shimmering and jaggies. So to do that, i set super sampling to 1.3 and turn everything to low or off. I turn off grass and shadow, rain drop, hide crowd; set light intensity to .60; set weather to light rain or clear; 15cars. Everything in the visual effect is off except crepuscular rays.

30-06-2016, 08:22
The supersampling / resolution scale feature has been discussed in the main HTC Vive thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?47083-HTC-Vive-Discussion&p=1291214&viewfull=1#post1291214).
It is mainly for high end graphic card, because frankly, on a GTX 970 ... you can't crank it up enough to be of any use. And even using a x2 multiplier wasn't on par with the DS2X that the game offers (which should be around the same thing).

I tried 1.5 in The Lab, but once again, the improvements wasn't spectacular. It seems it is more useful to games with lots of texts.

30-06-2016, 13:16
You guys are talking DSR?
I ordered a iPhone VR homido and was going to play with stream VR (trief,duelduet) to iphone as a trial prior to buying either OSVR or RIFT.

I have a 970. And maybe not VR realted but the DSR comment I agree with 110%. I love playing with my settings on pcars and I have a 21:9 monitor. 2560x1440
Without AA I can max it out at 2560 on the 970 but anything above 2x AA and it is unplayable. But even at 2xAA it plays great but still feels dated and little jaggy comapred to DSR.

With DSR on 4x 5120x2880 all maxed ultra no AA it blows away any AA. I was able to run 2560 at 8x for fun and DSR still looked just as great or better. I am getting 40-50FPS.

1.25 DSR still has benefits over no AA and looks very good but in screen shots you can see difference and I am usually be in the 70-90FPS range

I guess for VR land I need to be 90+? Since the monitors are 1080 not 1440 1.25 would be DSR 1350 or something (less then my default 1440 so) with med-hi not ultra I hope I can be over 90FPS on monitor so I can play a real VR? Am I looking at that the right way.

I am buying the 1070 as soon as EVGA releases their ACX. I wonder about the 480RX but I like nvidia support and drivers.

30-06-2016, 13:56
No, we're not talking about DSR (which is Nvidia implementation of supersampling/downscaling + some filtering), but something similar for VR with a Vive hmd (or Rift). DSR cannot be used in VR since you cannot choose the resolution at which the game will be rendered.

30-06-2016, 15:29
Dam.... Have you heard anything about the OSVR headset. It is $299 for something inbetween DK2 and CV1. I heard it has smoother image though, less pixelating.

30-06-2016, 16:15
I've heard about it, but didn't really paid attention so far. That is still devkit (with growing price each time). Also, the quality of a screen is important (that's for sure) but so does the quality of tracking, and there is too few reviews so far.