View Full Version : Bought it in oculus store, but have a HTC VIVE

30-06-2016, 12:06
I bought the game in oculus store when I had the DK2, but now I've bought a HTC VIVE and I can't seem to play it on my HTC VIVE. Is there anyway to get it to run on steam? Revive doesn't support this game.

30-06-2016, 12:08
try to get a refund from the OH store and buy the steam version.
The steam version is compatible with rift and vive, and you can play online with a larger group of drivers.

30-06-2016, 13:19
As far as I know, you will have to buy it again on Steam (thankfully it is the summer sales).
There was a pcars patch for Revive before native Vive support was implemented, but it was already meant to be used on the Steam version of the game.